DT 544 – Bachelor of Arts (Design) Interior and Furniture

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

DT544 Programme Description The desire of recent generations to live and work in aesthetically pleasing environments has driven the demand for experts in the area of interior design and furniture design. The BA Design – Interior and Furniture provides training and education for professionals in this niche area. The programme, which is aimed at people who wish to work in the area of interior and furniture design, has strong links with business and manufacturing industries and allows students to specialise in either interior or furniture design in their third year. The programme is based on 3 areas of study – Design Fundamentals, Design Communications and Critical Theory. In Design Fundamentals, students engage in a fundamental and developmental study of design. The Design Communications strand focuses on developing the student’s visualising skills and subjects include among others Computer Aided Design (CAD), Drawing, Design Realisation and Photography. Through Critical Theory the key issues in the history and theory of design are covered. In Years 2 and 3, students have the opportunity to broaden their visual education by taking a number of optional modules from the Fine Art and Visual Communication areas. The main part of the fi nal year focuses on the Design Thesis in which the student is expected to present a systematic and structured solution to a challenging design problem. Students are expected to create an integrated design solution which is original, creative and imaginative and displays a high level of technical skill in the fi nal presentation. Students also present a 10,000 word dissertation on an approved topic in design. Career Opportunities Graduates fi nd work in design practices, architectural fi rms, furniture manufacturing fi rms, display and exhibition companies and as private designers. Programme Outline Year One Design Fundamentals: Form and Space; Structure; Proportion; Perception and Colour; Anthropometrics and Ergonomics. Design Communications: Observational Drawing; Design Realisation; CAD; Photography. Critical Theory: Introduction to Design; Design and Contemporary Society. Year Two Design Fundamentals: Recreation; Storage; Internal Structure. Interior Design: Working Spaces; Commercial and Domestic; Retail. Furniture Design: Workstations; Flexible Living; Contract Furniture. Design Communications: Design Fabrication and CAD. Critical Theory: Modernism in Design and Theories of the Twentieth Century. Year Three Students specialise in Interior or Furniture Design and must take three modules totalling 15 credits in their specialist area. However, students have the option to acquire 15 credits by taking other modules from Visual Communication Design and Fine Art.