DT 422 – Pharmaceutical Healthcare

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

DT422 Programme Description The aim of the Pharmaceutical Healthcare programme is to produce graduates that are capable of making a signifi cant contribution to the operation of the pharmaceutical industry. The primary objective is to give the graduate a broad understanding of the pharmaceutical industry in order to meet the current and anticipated technical needs of the industry. Career Opportunities The career opportunities are in the pharmaceutical and allied healthcare sectors. Ireland has one of the largest concentrations of pharmaceutical companies in the world. In addition, a number of related industries in areas such as chemicals supply, clinical trials, sales etc. support this pharmaceutical presence. The graduate training is broad and allows access to all these high skills areas. Programme Outline Year One • Biology I • Biology II • Foundation Chemistry I • Foundation Chemistry II • Foundation Organic Chemistry • Communications and Industry Studies • Laboratory Techniques and Computer Applications • Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health Management • Introductory Microbiology • Mathematics for Scientists • Physics I • Introductory Nutrition Year Two • Biochemistry I: Structure of Macromolecules and Biological function • Biochemistry II: Metabolic pathways and regulation. • Regulatory Affairs • Organic Chemistry I • Organic Chemistry II • Quality systems • Introduction to Instrumentation • Instrumental Analysis • Basic Pharmaceutical Microbiology I • Pharmaceutical Microbiology I • Statistics • Introduction to Process Technology Year Three • Biotechnology • Pharmaceutical Formulation and Manufacture II • Drug Purifi cation and Characterisation • Pharmaceutical Work Placement Incorporating Health and Safety Management • Pharmaceutical Microbiology II • Pharmacology and Toxicology II • Chemical Engineering Year Four • Project/Dissertation • Research Project Management and Information Access • Process Analytical Technology • Medicinal Chemistry • Advanced Biotechnology