DT 366 – Accounting and Finance

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

DT366 Programme Description This programme provides the ideal route to careers in professional accountancy, fund management, fi nancial services, fi nancial analysis, corporate fi nance and money markets. These sectors of the economy contribute signifi cantly to national wealth creation and provide a range of challenging and rewarding careers which require integrity, analytical ability, fi nancial knowledge as well as key skills and competencies in team working, independent research and critical analysis. This degree programme develops these abilities within all students by use of a variety of learning approaches which include case studies, presentations, group work and projects as well as the more formal lectures with tutorial support. The programme allows students in the second and third years of study to select modules from a range of relevant subjects thus facilitating students to specialise in their chosen areas. Full support and advice is provided throughout the programme from both academic staff and career advisors. Career Opportunities This honours degree programme is appropriate to those who wish to pursue careers as professionally qualifi ed accountants. It confers signifi cant exemptions from the examinations of the professional accountancy bodies. In addition, the programme provides an ideal entry qualifi cation for a range of careers in the fi nancial services, money markets and banking. The fi nancial sectors of the Irish economy continue to experience signifi cant growth and development and offer excellent career paths for those with the appropriate skills, which this programme will develop.