DT 261 – Bachelor of Science (Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

DT261 This programme is designed to educate and train graduates as Technologists or Scientifi c Analysts for employment in the medicinal products and pharmaceutical sector as well as the related chemical industries. Year one and year two will provide a solid foundation in the chemical sciences and over the course of the programme a ‘hands-on’ approach will be developed in laboratories. There are specialised modules focused on drug design and synthesis, drug action, drug delivery and other aspects of modern medicinal chemistry. Access to well equipped instrument laboratories is a feature of the programme and students will gain experience using state-of-the-art modern spectroscopic, chromatographic and electrochemical instrumental techniques, all directly applicable to future employment in industry. Leaving Certifi cate Chemistry is not required for this programme. Career Opportunities Graduates of this programme are qualifi ed to avail of opportunities in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemical Industry, Computer Industry, State Laboratories, Medicinal Chemistry, Environmental Testing Laboratories, Food and Beverage Industry as well as Hospital Laboratories and Universities.