DT 228 – Computer Science

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

DT228 Programme Description Did you ever wonder how emails get sent, how Google works, how to develop your own computer game? Are you interested in understanding what goes on behind the scenes at Amazon or eBay? Do you want to know what an MP3 fi le actually is or how podcasting and ITunes work? Then this programme is for you. As well as answering these questions, this programme will prepare you to work as a software application developer in a variety of commercial and industrial environments. It will equip you with the understanding and skills needed in an exciting and constantly changing industry. You will spend the early years of the course gaining a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of computer science and have the opportunity after this to specialise by choosing one of four available streams: Software Development and Internet Systems: developing and integrating large-scale commercial software systems such as fi nancial, retail and web-based systems that help businesses achieve their potential. Data and Knowledge Management: developing and understanding systems that harness and manage the vast amounts of data helping businesses to succeed in today’s knowledge-based society. Computer Systems Architecture and Administration: implementing and managing software systems that support the technical infrastructure of today’s businesses. Games Programming: understanding and applying the cuttingedge technologies and methods relevant to the production of modern computer games. Work placement is a key part of the programme and students have the opportunity to take part in a six-month placement with an IT related company gaining valuable work experience. Career Opportunities Graduates from the School of Computing have been very successful in pursuing quality careers in the ICT industry. The school has institutional links with many industrial leaders such as Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Datalex and Computer Associates through sponsorship, work placement and project co-operation. Graduates of this programme will be uniquely qualifi ed in a wide range of computer development areas. These may be in the mainstream computer industry but will also occur in stimulating, leading application areas such as Internet Applications Development, Games Development, Enterprise Systems, E-Commerce, Music Technology, Systems Technology, Systems Security, Knowledge Management and Data Mining. Graduates of this programme will also be well qualifi ed to pursue postgraduate studies to MSc, MPhil and PhD levels.