DT 223 – Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

DT223 Programme Description This programme is run jointly by the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT Kevin Street) and the University of Dublin (Trinity College). The programme is designed to provide an integrated training in the science of nutrition and dietetics and its application to human health and wellbeing both at the individual and community level. It includes six months placement-based studies and also a period of practical catering administration and management. Students are responsible for their own upkeep during these training periods since they are unpaid. Students may be required to undergo Garda vetting before being allowed to register. Career Opportunities Nutrition as a science is a relatively young discipline. The scientifi c study of nutrition was not possible until the development of the chemical, physical and biological sciences throughout the 19th century. Nutrition is therefore the application of this scientifi c knowledge for the improvement of health and the prevention of disease. A career in nutrition or dietetics may appeal to those who are interested in nutrition, have an aptitude for science and for work in medical, social or scientifi c fi elds. Graduates of this programme fi nd employment in many different spheres of nutritional work. In this country, at present, the majority of posts held by graduates are in the hospital service in clinical dietetics. Other areas where posts are available and in which graduates have obtained employment include: public health or community nutrition, preventative medicine and health education and in research in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Many undertake postgraduate research for MPhil and PhD. Useful additional information can be obtained from: • The Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute (www.indi.ie) • The Nutrition Society (www.nutritionsociety.org)