DT 212 – Science-Ordinary Degree

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

DT212 The main aim of this programme is to produce graduates with the necessary skills for employment as technicians/ technologists or scientifi c personnel in the fields of biosciences, chemistry and physics. Students will be able to select from a range of specialised modules which will be delivered in the second semester of year one including; Medicinal Chemistry, Astronomy/Environmental and Energy Physics and Human Biology and Disease. Entry to this programme affords the opportunity to experience the three main scientifi c subjects prior to committing to a specifi c programme. After successful completion of the fi rst year students will select and transfer to the second year of one of the following programmes and will complete their studies as registered students of this programme: BSc Biosciences (DT259), BSc Industrial and Environmental Physics (DT260) BSc Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science (DT261). Career Opportunities Please see the course entries for: DT259, DT260 and DT261.