DT 205 – Mathematical Sciences

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

DT205 Programme Description The fi rst two stages of the programme are designed to provide a sound foundation in Mathematics, which will underpin subsequent work and to introduce students to topics in Statistics and Computer Science which they have the option of developing further in later stages through specialist study. The main strength of the programme is the way in which the third and fourth stages are designed in a modular fashion to allow the student signifi cant choice from courses in Algebra, Analysis, Mechanics, Statistics, Operations Research, Financial Mathematics, Data Mining, Graphics and Foreign Language (fourth year only). The programme includes a six month placement in stage three, during which students gain experience of using their analytical, problem solving and computer skills in a working environment. Career Opportunities There are many career opportunities for numerate graduates. A mathematical or related degree can open up a whole world of employment opportunities and can thus keep pace with whichever areas are currently thriving. Graduates have found employment in many areas, notably the IT sector and the fi nancial services. Graduates of this programme will have highly developed analytical and problem solving skills in a specialist Mathematics/Statistics/Computer Applications context and be in a good position to embark on high achieving careers in industry, commerce, the teaching and other professions and the public sector. They will also be qualifi ed to proceed to graduate study and higher degrees by research.