DT 203 – Forensic and Environmental Analysis

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CAO and Third Level

Course description

DT203 The exciting career paths open to a BSc honours graduate of this programme include monitoring environmental pollution, chemical analysis and forensic analysis used in solving crime. If you are interested in pursuing this course of study you should have an aptitude for science, an analytical mind and an ability to problem solve. The fi rst two years of the programme provide a good foundation in the physical sciences. In the fi nal two years the emphasis is on forensic and environmental science, featuring case studies and developing team-working skills. A seven month work placement features in the programme between Years 3 and 4. This course is accredited by the professional body Royal Society of Chemistry. Career Opportunities Graduates of the programme are qualifi ed to avail of existing career opportunities in the application of chemical analysis. Such careers require an analytical mind, a logical perspective and good problem solving ability. Careers can be in: • Environmental monitoring Рmonitoring of national and industrial pollutants • Chemical Analysis Рcharacterisation of complex mixtures in order to solve a problem • Forensic Analysis Рchemical analysis employed to solve crime. Such careers can be in environmental laboratories, State laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and forensic laboratories