DT 106 – Planning and Environmental Management

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO CODE: DT106 Spatial planning refers to the methods used largely by the public sector to influence the future distribution of activities in space. It is undertaken with the aims of creating a more rational territorial organisation of land uses and the linkages between them, to balance demands for development with the need to protect the environment, and to achieve social and economic objectives. Spatial planning embraces measures to co-ordinate the spatial impacts of other sectoral policies, to achieve a more even distribution of economic development between regions than would otherwise be created by market forces, and to regulate the conversion of land and property uses.
Environmental Management refers to the methods used in society to influence human activity in the light of its effect on the society’s physical resource base. It is undertaken with the aims of attaining sustainable use of the earth’s resources, protecting and enhancing the quality of the environment and realising social and economic objectives. 
This course embraces the management of enterprises and activities with full consideration of ecological principles and the sustainable use of natural resources and is carried out in both the public and private sectors. Both undergraduate qualifications are well positioned in the marketplace because the awards are professional and lead to clear career paths. Also, the BSc and MSc awards in spatial planning have professional accreditation from the Irish Planning Institute which ensures recognition by employers.
The BSc programmes are unique in their field because the Department forms the sole provider in these professional areas. International collaboration has been facilitated by student exchanges and research projects.