DT 008 – Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Electronics and Communications)

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

DT008 The programme prepares students for challenging careers in Electronic and Communications Engineering in areas such as design support, development and production. The programme has a particular focus on Communications Engineering, particularly in the latter years. Communications technology is one of the most sophisticated and rapidly changing application areas of electronics. It now pervades the daily lives of every person, through mass communication networks, as well as person-to-person communications based on fi xed and wireless networks. A good example is the Internet which has undergone explosive growth in the last few years. Communications also now involves a wide range of information, not just data, but also voice, multi-media and video. Graduates of the programme who achieve a high average mark in the fi nal examinations are eligible for transfer into the honours degree four year programmes in Computer and Communications Engineering (DT081) and Electrical/ Electronic Engineering (DT021). Career Opportunities Graduates of this programme can pursue a highly satisfying, well-paid career path in areas of employment such as working as an engineer, for example, as part of a design team or developing sophisticated test systems. After gaining some experience there are also middle management opportunities. This programme will fi nd employment for our graduates in a wide range of industries such as electronics, communications, pharmaceuticals and other related areas.