DT 004 – Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Civil Engineering)

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

DT004 This programme presents applicants with an opportunity to develop their mathematical and analytical skills to solve many of the problems encountered in the broader civil engineering industry. Civil Engineering is an ideal choice for aspiring graduates looking for a high-tech career that offers opportunities to work both indoors and outdoors. Civil Engineering Technologists design and construct roads, bridges, railways, dams, water supply systems and sanitary services. This programme equips graduates with the necessary skills to work as civil engineering technologists, carrying out much of the detailed analytical and design specifi cations on a building project. An interest in problem solving, computation and mathematics is important. Each year of the programme is delivered over two semesters with examinations at the end of each semester. Examination and other requirements (a) Students take the Institute’s examinations at the end of each session. (b) Students also complete assignments and practical laboratory work during the session. Career Opportunities Civil Engineering graduates can expect excellent employment prospects with recognised career path opportunities in consulting engineering design offices, contracting, materials supply and as building site managers. Some graduates can expect to be in private practice or working on behalf of national and local authorities. Graduates can expect a varied and challenging career with good salaries, secure employment and good promotion opportunities.