DN 100 – BSc (Architectural Science) (Hons)

South Dublin City
Price: -
Duration: 5 Years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO CODE : DN 100 The Architecture course at UCD offers a means to engage creatively and constructively with society. If you have a capacity and passion for creativity, for making things through technological invention or artistic experiment, and you are excited by the idea of designing buildings, urban environments and landscapes, then Architecture at UCD is the course for you. The design process is central to Architecture, harnessing the mind’s analytical and creative powers to produce innovative and novel solutions to everyday and future challenges. UCD Architecture provides a unique forum for interaction between research, teaching and the practice of Architecture. It is at the forefront of the architectural and urban design debate both in Ireland and internationally, and plays a central role in society, leading innovation and development at every scale. Our architects have designed many of the things that surround us – not only buildings and urban spaces, but also furniture and everyday household items. UCD Architecture provides the best facilities and educational support from award-winning architects to launch you on this exciting, rewarding career path.