DL 912 – MA in Creative Production and Screen Finance

Price: on request
Duration: 1 year

Course description

The primary philosophy of this programme is to educate creative and entrepreneurial producers, to preach art and teach commerce; not only how to make a movie but how to get a movie made. The aim is to synthesise those elements of creativity and the business of film making so that graduates go on to become the creative producers of the future.  Delivery of the programme is in modular block form – four, two or three week blocks over a year – which will allow the student time to both develop their creative project and for other commitments.


Who is it for?

This one‐year (12 months) MA is targeted at film school graduates, particularly those with post‐qualification experience, business executives who wish to develop a deep understanding of the Film, Television and Animation industries and also at existing industry professionals who want to understand screen financing and the business and legal side of the industry, including sales, marketing, distribution and exhibition, in tandem with the skills of project acquisition and script development. The intention is to pass on the skills and contacts to build and develop the major media companies of the future in Ireland and elsewhere. 

The programme will also focus on giving the students a rounded insight into the Irish, European and international film landscapes. There will be a balance between Irish and international film environments on the programme. We will cover all the latest trends in the business of film through the content of the programme and actively as we engage with the market –  collaboration, partnerships and co-productions are an integral parts of the film financing process and that philosophy is shared by this programme.


What modules will I study?

Creative Development, Producers as Entrepreneurs, Practice Based Research, Production Practice and Industry Internship, Major Project or Thesis. 


Application is directly to IADT.

A portfolio submission is required for this course.

Read more on: http://www.iadt.ie/courses/creative-production-screen-finance

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