DL 106 – Certificate in Critical Research (Foundations, Futures and Skills)

Price: € 750
Duration: 20 weeks

Course description

10 ECTS of a Level 9 Award

Traditionally, research approaches could be categorised in ways such as science, humanities or art practice-based research. Increasingly, inter- and multi-disciplinary movements are calling for more collaboration between these areas, while preserving an empirical (evidence-based) approach.


What will I do?    

This Certificate provides an overview of the empirical research process, theories and methods so as to provide students with the insight, language and skills required to carry out empirical research in a range of disciplines. Throughout the course the research methods are discussed in the context of real research studies. The course emphasises questions, discussion and debate around the content.


What topics will I study?

The content may vary from year to year and at times the work can be driven by a student’s own interest. The general content is as follows: 

The research process; What makes good research; Research paradigms;  The role of the internet in supporting research; Research ethics; Hypothesis generation and testing; Research design; Surveys and online questionnaires; Ethnographic research; Experimental designs; Observation studies; Tests and scales; Mixed-method approaches; Analysis and interpretation (qualitative and quantitative); Proposal writing; Publishing research; Communication of results; Critical thinking skills.


Application is directly to IADT.

Read more on: http://www.iadt.ie/courses/critical-research-foundation-futures-and-skills-special-purpose-award

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