DC 168 – B.Sc. in Genetics and Cell Biology (Bachelor Honours Degree)

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

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CAO Code: DC168 Contact: Dr Michael O’Connell, Michael.OConnell@dcu.ie Tel: +353 1 700 5318 Room: X212 Fee information Advances in Genetics and Cell Biology have opened up a new era in our understanding, both of ourselves and of the world around us. Science is progressing at an extraordinary and unprecedented pace. This is especially true of genetics and cell biology. With our ever-increasing knowledge of genetics we can better understand what controls and contributes to our development and individuality. Combined with our understanding of cell biology we can explore exciting scientific applications that will benefit all of society. Our improved understanding of the genetic basis for life has opened up new approaches for the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of disease. As a consequence, a new era in the development and production of medical diagnostics, therapies and therapeutics is upon us. The course has been developed to incorporate the theoretical and practical aspects of molecular and cellular biology, providing you with the knowledge and expertise you‚Äôll need for a career in the healthcare industry. You will have the opportunity to develop your interest in biology, learn the laboratory skills that are the basis for major modern scientific breakthroughs, and gain a full appreciation of how the improved knowledge of genetics and cell biology impacts on society.