CW 107 – BSc in Analytical and Forensic Science

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CAO and Third Level

Course description

Analytical Science combines the expertise and skills of chemists and biologists to provide important information for science and industry worldwide. The course involves use of modern analytical instrumentation, to identify many components in a single sample and to detect specific substances at less than one part per million. Subjects focus on applications such as:
Chemical analysis used to monitor air, soil and water for environmental pollutants
Raw materials and finished products in the food, pharmaceutical and other industries are subject to strict quality assurance and validation
Analytical methods are used in medical research to diagnose disease
The individual Analytical Project fosters decision-making, to ensure graduates adapt to a wide range of work situations
The course has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind and provides an exit point to students at the end of year 2, allowing them to graduate with a Higher Certificate in Science – Applied Chemistry.