CW 088 – B.A in Visual Communications and Design (Honours)

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Duration: 4 Years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

Visual Communications and Design takes it roots from graphic design. Students will create projects in design (graphics, illustration, branding, advertising, editorials/magazines and signage), digital media (websites, mobile devices and games) and the moving image (video and animation).
The overall programme is structured around studio practice, where students create designs set by project briefs where they can experiment and explore creative and innovative ideas. The aim of the programme is to facilitate the transformative process of novice student to creative practitioner through the development of key skills in creative problem solving, design principles and practices, project management, communication and collaboration, technical design skills, marketing and entrepreneurship.
The BA (Honours) in Visual Communications and Design is a four year course, with exit awards at the end of year two (corresponding to a Level 6 Higher Certificate Qualification) and at the end of year three (corresponding to a Level 7 Ordinary Degree