CW 038 – B.A in Art (Honours) – Wexford Campus

Price: -
Duration: 4 Years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

The BA (Hons) in Art is a four year course that provides students with the opportunity to gain skills in a number of areas prior to selecting an area of specialisation in the later years of the course.
The course covers painting, sculpture, digital media as well as art history and cultural studies. The programme will equip students with the confidence, experience and skills needed to operate as a professional artist.
A core teaching objective is to enable you to become ‘self-managed’ from an early point of the programme through encouraging independent learning and research skills.
The practical skills gained include independent research, professional methods of art making, seeking and staging exhibition opportunities and marketing. The programme is highly student-centred and provides a forum for exchanging diverse ideas and opinions through group crits, field trips, and a visiting artist programme.