CR 655 – Culinary Studies (Higher Certificate)

Cork City
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Duration: 2 years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

 CAO CODE : CR 655
This course provides the perfect learning for a career in the wide world of cookery and food preparation, particularly for those who want to be a professional chef. Students will cover a course that is practical and is supported by theory subjects relating to the world of cookery. Approximately, 70% of the classes will be spent in practical classes and kitchens covering subjects such as cookery techniques, classical and traditional cookery, as well as specialist cookery from the Mediterranean, the Orient, other interesting world foods, pastry and confectionery larder and cold buffet.
Students will support their learning with classes about nutrition and food science, the business and enterprise of restaurants and other food operations, food knowledge and gastronomy and applied computing skills. During the course the students work both individually and in teams preparing food and cooking for both small and large numbers of customers and participating in events. The teaching and learning facilities at Department of Tourism and Hospitality Studies in CIT are recognised as being to the best European standard.
The course is supported by lectures from well known and specialist chefs and artisan food producers, as well as large food companies. Students will have the opportunities to visit both restaurants and food providers during the course.
Over the first summer, all students will have a formal paid work placement in a good quality hotel or restaurant kitchen, which will be matched to the students area of interest and skill level, where they will work under the guidance of an expert chef.
Students will graduate as professional chefs ready to embark on exciting opportunities to develop their skills further whether at home or abroad.