CR 121 – Music (Honours) @ Cork School of Music

Cork City
Price: -
Duration: 4 Years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO CODE: CR121 One of the attractions of this Honours Degree course is the nature of Years 1 and 2, which are best described respectively as “Foundation” and “Transition”. The carefully co-ordinated elements of the first-year courses seek to ensure that every student is subsequently able to fulfil their potential, whatever specialisations are chosen. During the second year, the continuation of core studies is balanced by the introduction of elements that ensure students can make an informed decision about which subjects they would like to specialise in during the third and fourth years. Whilst these might prove to be Performance Studies, or Music in the Community, or Pedagogic [Music Teaching] Studies, or Music and Technology, or Music Therapy, it is equally possible to specialise in Applied Musicianship Skills and/or Music History.