CR 077 – BSc Craft Technology (Wood) with Business

Cork City
Price: -
Duration: 3 years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

Craft Technology is focused on practical skills as well as knowledge of technology used in current building practice. There are a number of aspects to Craft Technology: sustainable building techniques, conservation, building information modelling, and practical skills in roofing and joinery all blended with core business and management comprehension.The course combines the skills of woodworking with business to offer the student a wide range of options of further study or employment routes.This course offers students the chance to learn more about Carpentry and Joinery in fully equipped workshops while at the same time developing relevant business skills needed to run your own business or manage large projects.The focus on workshop skills develops key problem solving techniques, creative abilities and leadership proficiencies in real time, with solutions designed, tested and used on scale model examples. The development of these talents are enhanced over three years, each year expanding on the knowledge and skills of the previous year, developing a comprehensive understanding of timber as a building medium, and how to best use it as a component part of the building envelope.