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Invaluable for anyone responsible for accounts or setting pricing within a business, this short course is something we’re sure you’ll get true value from, in terms of real financial benefits.
A very hands-on, practical course, we deal with real workplace scenarios and help demystify some of the complexities that surround costing and pricing, so you get the best possible results.  Show your employer how this will be invaluable, or make it count for your business and you’ll never look back.
If you’re responsible for sales or book-keeping and accounts this mantra is key: andlsquo;Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity’
We help you see how to be really focused on working smarter to generate more profit, and will help you get to grips with:

Semi-variable, variable and direct costs
Contribution Theory
Break-even points
Price-setting strategies
Calculating hourly rates
Customer buying habits
How to market and sell your products

Understanding these elements is the difference between pain and gain.
Our course takes a fine toothcomb through the ins and outs of how to make more profit, through effective costing of jobs and shows you how to use Microsoft Excel to help make calculations.
If you work in book-keeping or accounts or are a small business owner and need to know how to charge out time for staff, how to calculate profit on a job, or project profit in the next year’s turnover, this course is for you.
Similarly, if you’re a garage owner who needs to cost out parts and labour; a wholesaler struggling to make profit due to squeezes on margins; or a manufacturer trying to find the optimum price for their products, this course can help.
It all becomes clear in just 6 hours and upon completing the course you will be awarded with a well-recognised Pitman Training Certificate, which shows employers you’re a real asset.

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