CK 201 – Commerce

Cork City
Price: -
Duration: 3 years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO COURSE CODE: CK201 This is a general business degree. If you know that you want to study business but are not sure which area of business you wish to follow or do not want to specialise too early this is a good choice. Commerce is the study of business, trade and the growing range of issues and activities connected with business. The programme will help you understand the relationship between diverse business subject areas. A basic principle in one business area is often key to understanding another area. Initially you will receive a general overview of all subjects and then get the opportunity to specialise in the final two years. In third year you have an exciting opportunity in the Transferable Skills module. Here you choose between work placement or a research based project and in the process gain valuable practical business experience,which is highly rated by employers.