CK 112 – Drama and Theatre Studies (Restricted)

Cork City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO COURSE CODE: CK112 The BA (Hons) (Drama and Theatre Studies) is a three-year, joint honours degree programme. Applicants for this programme must pass a Drama and Theatre Studies Entrance Test, as well as fulfilling the minimum entry requirements (see here). An information leaflet regarding the Drama and Theatre Studies Entrance Test will be available from the Director of the Board of Drama and Theatre Studies, c/o Department of English, UCC, in October in the year before a student wishes to enter University. Students who wish to take Drama and Theatre Studies with Music must first apply through the CAO for CK112. In addition to the normal CAO requirements, such students must also satisfy the Professor of Music and the College/Faculty that they are capable of successfully completing the Music component of the programme by taking and passing a Music test in September. Any student who passed the Music Entrance Test in April for CK103 (Music) or CK104 (Arts-Music), and who subsequently secured a place in CK112, will be exempt from this Music test.