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Nursing Studies – Full Time

Dublin City
Price: € 2995
Duration: 7 Months
Further Education and PLC, QQI Level 5
Schedule: 30/09/2020

Course description

The Nursing Studies course is designed as programme of preparatory study to enter a degree programme in Nursing Studies. Students undertaking this course can also apply for training positions in General Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Intellectual Disability Nursing and Childrens Nursing.

This course introduces students to the caring role of the nurse and emphasises the importance of interpersonal communication. It equips them with the skills and knowledge to care for patients in a safe and hygienic environment.

Students will learn the basic principles of infection control and are taught to apply standard precautions in relation to infection control. They will learn the structure and function of the human body and gain an understanding of the interrelationship between the systems of the body. They study the levels of personal development to understand the concepts of mental age and chronological age in order to be able to relate to people at a level appropriate to their needs.

The advantages of participating on the Work Experience Programme give students a real insight into working as a healthcare professional. The placements are usually within hospitals and healthcare settings and can be completed in Dublin or regionally during Semester 2.

Entry through CAO on to a Nursing Degree

For certain programmes in Higher Education Institutes, there is a quota of places reserved for students holding QQI major awards.  When applying for one of these places, it is the results of the QQI Level 5 award in Nursing Studies used rather than leaving certificate results.

The link below gives the exact number of places available on each nursing programme in each of the Higher Education Institutes in Ireland.


Portobello Institute encourages students to apply for entry via this system. The Student Support Clinic offers students one to one tutorial support to achieve the grades necessary. We also support students applying through UCAS for a place on a nursing degree in a British University. We give students one to one interview preparation with experienced healthcare professionals. There is also workshop support for those completing the personal statement element of the UCAS application procedure.

The programme management and tutor team for this QQI level 5 award in Nursing Studies are entirely focused in ensuring students of this programme, have the best possible opportunity to achieve their career ambition of securing a place in a healthcare setting or on a degree in Nursing.

QQI Level 5 Major Award in Nursing Studies – 5M4349

This programme is 24 weeks in duration and is delivered over 2 semesters with examinations at the end of each semester. Five modules are completed during each semester.

Based on feedback from past students, we have condensed the class schedule to two days per week. This maximises the time available to students and allows them the time needed to study, participate on the work experience programme and work part-time. It also reduces the commuting time and accommodation expenses potentially incurred by students traveling from outside of Dublin.

Semester 1

The first semester runs for 12 weeks from 07/10/19 to 17/01/20.

Classes are delivered Monday and Wednesday, 10am to 5pm.

Examinations & Assessments take place during the week commencing 20/01/20

Semester 2

The second semester also runs for 12 weeks from 27/01/20 to 17/04/20.

Classes are delivered Monday & Wednesday, 10am to 5pm. The work experience programme is completed during semester 2 and is usually an additional 2 days per week for a period of 8 weeks.

Examinations & Assessments take place during the week commencing 20/04/20

The aim of this programme is to prepare students to progress to higher education or to work in a hospital or healthcare setting. The content covered during the programme is both theoretical and practical in nature and gives students the knowledge and skills they will recquire to progress further in this field.

Anatomy & Physiology
Care Support
Human Growth and Development
Infection Prevention and Control
Work Experience
Care Skills
Introduction to Nursing
Safety and Health
Occupational first aid (additional fee)
Work Experience

An integral aim of this programme is to give students a practical insight into working as a healthcare professional and to secure a relevant reference from this setting. The work experience programme run by Portobello Institute is usually two days per week for a period of 8 weeks during Semester 2. Portobello Institute has a strong network of contacts within the hospitals and healthcare sector and supports students to secure their placement in these settings. Placements can be completed in Dublin or in a regional healthcare setting.

Student Support Clinic

Portobello Institute recognises that every student learns in a different way and for each and every student to excel, they need support and extra guidance at different stages throughout their learning journey. Gaining entry to University using the QQI level 5 award in Nursing Studies is a competitive process and students need to achieve the best possible marks during the assessment process.

For this reason and in advance of theory and practical exams, we offer a Student Support Clinic from week 4 of this programme. Tutors are available each week, for students to book a 30 minute tutorial for one to one practical skills, theory or exam preparation support. It is the student’s choice what is covered during this time.

Our experience in preparing students for exams is that this type of support substantially relieves the pressure and stress on students and ensures they can excel during their practical and theory exams.

UCAS Preparation

Some students choose to apply to the UK and we provide additional support for students pursuing entry to British Universitys. This includes support completing application forms, personal statements and interview preparation where applicable.

Students can book one to one time with our tutors, all healthcare professionals, in advance of an upcoming interview. A run through of the interview supports students to prepare for their interview and releaves nervises and tension beforehand. This individual preparation gives them the confidence to present themselves during their interview and to offer the a strong insight into their abaility to pursue nursing as a career.

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