Certificate in Design Thinking

Price: € 750
Duration: 4 full days

Course description

Learn valuable design methodologies and strategies that will transform your approach to problem solving and innovation.


What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking can transform the way organisations develop products, services, processes and strategy. Many companies now deploy design thinking methodologies to help them overcome key business challenges ever present in today’s fast-paced technology and data driven environment.

Design thinking can be used as an innovative approach:

– for problem solving and management strategy;

– to create customer-centric products and services;

– to anticipate and respond to new trends and technologies;

– to design experiences and interactions;

– to develop systemised solutions.

Designing thinking combines what is desirable from a human point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable. Design thinking has become a crucial business tool and mindset that enables companies (and their employees) to think creatively beyond traditional logical and analytical approaches helping them to be agile and responsive to change so they can maintain their competitiveness.


What will I do?

Students will learn through a series of lectures, workshops, exercises and projects. The course will incorporate practical methods for design research, brainstorming and idea generation, visualisation, mapping, charting, recording and documentation. Practical exercises and projects will provide students with the opportunity to develop critical thinking, creative problem solving, and visualisation methodologies.


What topics will I study?

The programme may include a range of topics such as:
Origins of design thinking; Writing a design brief; Competitor analysis; Creative leadership, vision and values; Brainstorming and ideation; Audience/customer profiling; Customer journeys and empathy experiments; Synthesis and insights; Visualisation methodologies; Storytelling; Prototyping and iteration; Design metrics, evaluation, validation and testing.


Application is directly to IADT.

Read more on: http://www.iadt.ie/courses/design-thinking


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