BN 022 – Bachelor of Science in Horticulture

North Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

BN022 Bachelor of Science in Horticulture Aim The decision to follow a career in horticulture will allow an individual to follow many routes from forestry to floristry and everything horticultural in between. Currently there are many interesting occupations available working with plants in a creative, imaginative and rewarding way, with options for the qualified horticulturalist many and diverse. Ornamental production, the growing of Christmas poinsettias, bedding plants or cut flowers, trees or nursery stock, surely an aesthetically pleasing working environment to venture to each day? Interior plants are used to add life to otherwise bland office spaces and building foyers with beautiful displays of both cut flowers and interior planting schemes; are you interested in creating an maintaining the displays? A further vital aspect of horticulture is food production, with the current trend toward organics and the issue of food miles high on the agenda; do you want to gain the skills to produce food? The provision of attractive parks and gardens, sports grounds, open spaces and streetscapes adds considerably to our qualify of life, do you want to part of that?