BN 021 – Bachelor of Arts in Creative Digital Media

North Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

BN021 Bachelor of Arts in Creative Digital Media Aim Students will spend their days bringing their ideas to life on the web, on mobile phones, MP3 players, etc. Taking photographs, shooting video, editing music tracks, creating special effects … it’s all in a typical day for a creative digital media student. The course covers a range of exciting creative skills such as digital filmmaking, video editing and production, music and sound engineering, website design, graphics and animation, gaming and entertainment technologies. If you dream about becoming a website designer, animator, designer or even a general digital media manager, then this is the course for you, especially if you could see yourself running your own business. Career Opportunities Employment opportunities exist in web development, animation, communications, multi-media design, E-commerce, education, enabling software, games, media distribution, mobile media technologies, multimedia production to name a few. Graduates may also have an opportunity to continue their studies at post graduate level in ITB.