BN 013 – Bachelor of Science in Computing in Information Technology

North Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

BN013 Bachelor of Science in Computing in Information Technology What is Computing? Modern computing covers a wide area of related and interconnecting technologies, skills and disciplines. These technologies include: building computer systems, systems analysis, programming, building web pages and sites, designing and using databases, building and trouble shooting networks, creating and using diverse multimedia such as audio and video The skills of computing lies in getting these technologies to work together in order to solve some particular problem. Typically these problems are business related and the solution depends on the successful use of technology. Many soft skills are needed too: how to write a good report, how to give an effective presentation, how to get your ideas across. These are all studies within computing. Computing is an exciting and interesting area in which to study and work, and what is equally important for a student is that the computing facilities are ITB are state of the art. Career Opportunities Graduates are equipped with the necessary skills to work in a broad range of commercial, industrial and technological areas as Programmers, Developers, Software Engineers, Technicians, and Project Managers