BA (Hons) Psychology and Sociology Degree Online

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Duration: 3 years (full time) to 6 years (part tim
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Schedule: 01/12/2018

Course description

Psychology focuses on individuals, Sociology looks at broader social issues that affect those individuals; such as poverty, inequality and social injustice. These are examined alongside societal factors such as government policy and globalisation.

You get the chance to take the individual and the social together with this BA (Hons) Psychology and Sociology degree, to give you a balanced understanding of how society functions.

You’ll address questions such as: To what extent are our bodies controlled by external influences? What are the ethical considerations of reintegrating criminals into society? How has social media and globalisation changed our communities? How do political uprisings develop?

The BA (Hons) Psychology and Sociology degree is awarded by Arden University.

Distance learning degree – 100% online

Online study portal, ilearn, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Comprehensive support from your expert tutors, whom you can contact through email, phone or skype

Complete in 3-6 years on a part time or full time basis

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