AS 053 – BA Textiles, Fashion and Design with Business Management

Price: on request
Duration: 3 Years
Third Level and CAO

Course description

Bachelor of Arts in Textiles, Fashion and Design with Business Management
RESTRICTED ENTRY:  Portfolio Required
CAO Code: AS053
Programme Overview
The BA in Textiles, Fashion and Design with Business Management is designed to enable students to become competent in researching and developing garment and textile craft designs to meet a project brief and build and present a collection of work whilst also developing and refining their business expertise with the skills necessary to launch new ventures and products. This degree programme is unique in its combination of fashion and textile craft design with business management. The programme offers core modules in design and business management,optional pathways in either fashion design or textiles in years two and three and an optional industrial work placement at the end of year two.
Programme Content
In year 1, students will study a variety of introductory modules includingIntroduction to Drawing and Design, Visual, Historical and Contextual Studies,Fibres to Fabrics, Pattern Cutting and Construction Techniques, Constructed,Manipulated and Printed Textiles, Management Principles, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour and Management Information Systems.
In year 2, students will build on the foundation knowledge of year 1 and will undertake study in the areas of Drawing and Design Development, Visual, Historical and Contextual Studies, Economics, Financial and Management Accounting and Operations Strategy. As part of this year, student will choose an optional pathways in either Fashion Design or Textiles.There is an optional industrial/work placement between year 2 and year 3.
In year 3, students will further enhance their knowledge in the areas of Design and Portfolio Development; Research in Visual, Historical and Contextual Studies; New Enterprise Development; Marketing Management and Strategic Management. As part of this year, students will choose an optional pathway in either Fashion Design or Textiles.
Career Opportunities
Graduates of the BA in Textiles, Fashion and Design with Business Management will have attained the knowledge, skills and competencies that will enable them to obtain employment in a variety of textile and craft industries or to be selfemployed. Graduates will be equipped to start their own fashion or textile craft design business, work in middle management in the fashion or textile craft industry liaising with offshore production facilities, as fashion forecasters, in fashion consultancy, fashion or craft marketing, costume design, design management and as textile artists. This degree course also affords the opportunity to pursue further studies at Postgraduate, Masters and PhD levels.