AS 052 – Bachelor of Arts (Health and Disability Studies)

Price: -
Duration: 3 years
Third Level and CAO

Course description

CAO Code:  AS052This programme of study is designed to explore the concepts and principles of health, wellness and disability in the 21st century. The programme will give the student a solid understanding of the issues that people with health and wellness issues or disabilities face and the challenges involved in developing services to meet their identified needs. Students will explore the evolution and development of  theory, policy and practice in these areas. This course will inform the student about the wider issues in health, wellness and disability and will offer them an array of options once they have completed the programme of study.This degree programme will offer a wide range of carreer opportunities, graduates are expected to develop key transferable skills and advance in areas such as health and disability-sector related careers, the student may pursue a career in the Public service, voluntary/statutory agencies or in the private sector.