AL 850 Bachelor of Business (Honours)

Price: -
Duration: 4 Years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

This honours degree will enable you to develop the conceptual framework, advanced knowledge and practical skills appropriate for careers in different functional areas of business across today’s challenging and changing commercial environment.
Technological, organisational and environmental progress is regarded as the norm in a modern business setting. The curriculum has been designed to develop your ability to cultivate the analytical and advanced business skills required to deal effectively with opportunities and problems likely to be encountered in the workplace. You will learn how to develop a systematic and enlightened approach to the identification, analysis and solution of problems in different types of business organisation. You will study and gain a critical understanding of the interrelationships between the different functions within business management. Expertise in computing and computer applications for business will also be enhanced. Students are also prepared to undertake responsibilities, in both a national and an international business context, and to develop expertise in business research. This Level 8 programme will also allow for possible progression to an appropriate postgraduate qualification, such as the Master of Business at the institute.