AL 836 BSc (Hons) in Health Science and Nutrition

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Duration: 4 years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO Code :  AL 836
Obesity in infants, children and adults is a major problem worldwide. The prevalence of obesity in adults is 10% to 25% in most countries of Western Europe, 20% to 25% in some countries in the Americas, up to 40% in some countries in Eastern Europe, and more than 50% in some countries in the Western Pacific. Obesity rates, which are doubling every 5-10 years in many parts of the world, are placing significant additional financial burdens on health systems to deal with the resulting problems.
Obesity will eventually lead to chronic disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, hardening of arteries and some forms of cancer. Obesity also leads to acute consequences of chronic disorders including strokes and heart attacks. Reducing caloric intake and increasing physical activity help decrease the risk of obesity.
Graduates from this BSc (Hons) in Health Science and Nutrition will be well-equipped to engage in areas that can tackle this problem head on.
A unique part of this programme is the work placement component undertaken at the end of year 3. The aim of this module is to provide the student with a structured introduction to employment in a related area of physical activity and health, and to gain valuable experience of the culture, nature and structure of a working environment in the field. Each student will be placed in a workplace environment or research area relevant to the area of physical activity and health, and will evaluate and critically reflect on the workplace as well as the student’s role and contribution to it.