AL 760 BA in Spa and Wellness Management

Price: -
Duration: 3 years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

The spa industry is a multi-million enterprise internationally and is an area of tourism growth globally. According to the European Spa Association (ESPA), there are over 1,200 spas and health resorts in 22 European nations.
Health and wellness tourism has expanded rapidly in Ireland within a short time and the challenge for Irish spas is to keep up with international standards. Providing the educational tools to strengthen and sustain the spa industry’s labour pool at management level is a key objective of this course.
The aim of this degree is to give students the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for employment in management and/or support positions within the spa health and wellness tourism sector, and/or to prepare them for further academic study in this or related areas. The scope of the programme extends to customer service, operations, and management of spa health and wellness tourism resources, enterprises and/or destinations in a modern dynamic business environment.
The nature of the course ensures that graduates will be technically orientated as well as being flexible enough to work in different areas of spa management. It also includes a six-month period of industrial placement.