AL 711 Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy – Bachelor of Engineering

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Duration: 3 years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

Mechanical engineers are traditionally concerned with how to design and implement safe, reliable, environmentally sound, and cost effective systems. Further to this requirement, mechanical engineers have an increasing responsibility in optimising the cost of energy sources they choose. While oil has been the main source of energy for the provision of electricity to industry, new options are available in the form of solar, geothermal, and biofuels. Mechanical engineers require the technical skills to select, implement and integrate the most effective and efficient energy sources.
Optimisation of energy management also incorporates recycling, designing more efficient processes, better product design and continuous measurement of costs, which is also the responsibility of the mechanical engineer.
This Level 7 degree will educate and train skilled personnel in the area of energy consumption, management and control, as applied to industrial and manufacturing settings. It will give you the capability to critically appraise energy demands, to identify areas of energy waste, to bring about corrective action and where applicable to suggest and implement an alternative energy strategy.
You will learn the environmental loading of the given process/plant and be committed to its reduction, either in terms of the product, the materials or the process. You will also possess high ethical standards with regard to the engineering profession and environment. As a graduate you will have the skills necessary for professional communication both within the engineering community and society at large.