Advanced IT Support Technician Diploma with CompTIA

Course description

The Advanced IT Support Technician Diploma is a course highly regarded by employers and arms you for a job as a network or system administrator. It helps you prove that you understand why computers behave as they do, and teaches you their language, equipping you with techniques for when they go wrong! The IT department is one of the most valuable teams in any large business and ensuring you have the very best skills, and are armed with the very best training, will stand your career in good stead.

This course enables you to get the best out of PCs, and as a result you’ll learn how to install, repair, upgrade, troubleshoot and maintain PCs, operating systems as well as basic network infrastructures. Broken down into clear segments the format of this course means you get to grips with one skill before starting on the next, and the practical exercises mean you get hands on experience during the course. You’ll be able to put what you learn into practice immediately.

Is the Diploma for me?

The Advanced IT Support Technician Diploma could be your route to a job as a network or system administrator. It’s intended for anyone in an IT role who has a responsibility for network maintenance and management, whether you’re part of an in-house IT department or work within an IT consultancy.

Many IT professionals take this Diploma to help further progress their careers and prove to employers that they have the qualifications necessary to make a real impact on the business they work in. We have many students who completed this course and went on to get a promotion.

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