AD 101 – First Year Core-Art and Design

South Dublin City
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Duration: First Year Core
CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO CODE: AD101 Design is problem solving. The results of the design process are both tangible and intangible, simultaneously something of use and a form of cultural expression. At its best, design stimulates and intrigues, provokes thought and fosters the exchange of ideas. It improves the quality of everyday living, enriches our surroundings and gives our sense of identity visual expression.The courses in the Faculty of Design are intended to develop design awareness and problem solving skills through conceptual and practical techniques as applied to specific project briefs. As well as personal development, the main aim of the degrees in Ceramics, Glass and Metals, Fashion Design, Textile Design, Industrial Design and Visual Communication is to prepare you for employment in the professional design fields or for admittance to postgraduate studies.