Other Part Time and Evening Courses

Website Design

Web Design Courses with Pitman Training With an increasing number of companies choosing to market their businesses online, the need for good website designers is growing. So if you're thinking of embarking on a career in this much in demand industry, the Pitman Training Website Design course is the ideal[...]

Photography Course Dublin

4 tutorials over two months.For each single class 15 euro; For whole 4 sessions 60 euro.Simple introduction of the workshopPoor man's Photography. This workshop's aim is to teach you how to take great photographs with whatever equipment you already have! For every class please bring your smart phones, or compact[...]

Practical Interior Design

Realistic interior design course. By the end of the course everyone should have redesigned one room in their home and covered enough information to work alone on the other rooms.


Creative skills with digital media, encouraging creativity DigitalCre8or is structured into five creative and three sharing units. To gain the Award, students must successfully complete four units, including at least one from each group. You will learn to build an online e-portfolio which you can access from any computer. There[...]