Learning the Bodhr?°n

Suitable for beginners and improvers. This course will cover the basic rhythms and techniques of […]

Learning the Guitar

Suitable for a beginner or for a person with some experience. Tuning, strumming, finger styles […]

Guitar Improvers

This course is suitable for those with a basic knowledge of playing the Guitar aimed […]

Learning the Fiddle

Beginners: learn the basics, session tunes, polkas, slides, jigs and reels. Intermediate/Advanced: develop individual style […]

Tenor Banjo | Mandolin

Become the next Gerry O‚ÄôConnor! Learn how to play traditional Irish tunes (jigs and reels) […]

Keyboard – Piano

An introduction to Keyboard‚ÄîPiano Skills. Learn to play your favourite tunes. This course is suitable […]