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Prison Officer Preparation Course

Initially this course helps students to understand the qualities the selection panel are looking for. This is then followed a number of set tests to help students to get into the right frame of mind and to be in a position to use the right techniques and approach. A sample[...]

Understanding Weather

How geographical location influences our weather and climate. How the sun’s heat causes our weather. The Atmosphere: Airmasses, Weather Maps, Fronts, High Pressure/Low Pressure, Clouds, Precipitation, Thunderstorms. Weather Satellites/ Radar. Global warming .

Flower Arranging

Learn the skills of flower arranging in a relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere. Create your own arrangement of fresh flowers.

CAO Courses at Athlone IT

CAO Courses with Athlone Institute of Technology are offered at levels 6, 7 & 8. These are listed below.. Higher Certificates - Level 6 (2 years) AL 600 Software Design HC + DG + HD AL 601 Computer Engineering HC + DG + HD AL 602 Mechanical Engineering HC +[...]

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