Available Places Facility Opens

Available Places Facility Opens
College: CAO

If CAO colleges have any new courses that open for application after the Change of Mind deadline or if any places remain unfilled in particular courses after all offers have been made and the waiting lists of applicants meeting minimum entry requirements have been exhausted, such vacancies will be advertised on the CAO website (www.cao.ie). Before making an “Available Place/Vacant Place” application, those matching the description “Restricted Categories of Applicant” on Page 4 of the CAO handbook should first consult with the Admissions Office of the HEI concerned.

  • Persons who have not applied already may make an Available Place application on payment of a fee of €45.00.
  • Persons who have applied already (whether placed or not) may apply for an Available Place on-line without payment of a further fee (when available).

Applicants for Available Places/Vacant Places must meet the normal minimum entry requirements for the course(s) in question. Previously published points in an earlier round of offers should not be taken as an indication of the points required for entry to Available Places/Vacant Places.

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