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Speech Therapy Workshops, Cork

    speech therapy workshops Cork

    Speech Therapy Cork is run by Linda Coyle, a speech and language therapist with over 15 years experience. Linda runs regular speech workshops which have proven very popular with many people and have earned her many positive testimonials from previous attendants (these can be viewed on her website

    The workshops teach many useful techniques and skills which will be very useful to singers and those who want to improve the quality and strength of their voice. These techniques include voice projection and avoiding straining the voice.

    Attendants learn how to keep their voice healthy and learn and practice the techniques learned from Linda. If you might be interested in joining an upcoming voice workshop then why not contact Speech Therapy Cork for more information.

    Voice Projection Workshop

    Are you a trainer, teacher, public speaker, amateur singer or actor?
    Is your voice a key tool for your job or personal life?
    Do you need to talk or sing a lot throughout the day?
    Do you want a stronger, more flexible speaking or singing voice?

    If you answered YES to any of the questions above then you should consider attending a workshop run by Speech Therapy Cork. These workshops can be of huge benefit to those who use their voices a lot in their profession.

    What will I learn from attending this workshop?

    • Learn about the 8 key skills needed for a free, flexible, strain free voice
    • Learn the basics of how to keep your voice healthy.
    • Learn simple but powerful tools which help you to project your voice with ease.
    • Learn and practice exercises which help you to have a freer voice.