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Part Time TEFL Course with NUI Galway

    online tefl course NUI Galway

    The Centre for Adult Learning & Professional Development is offering a one year part-time Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

    This course is suitable for:

    • Individuals who hold a degree and who would like to teach English as a foreign language abroad
    • Individuals who wish to teach English as a foreign language in ACELS recognised centres
    • Teachers who wish to teach English as a foreign language

    The course is delivered part-time, through blended learning. Teaching and learning methodologies consist of a broad range of activities, including: classroom-based lectures, practical workshops, online discussion groups, e-tivities, directed study, microteaching, project based learning, assignments and portfolio development. Throughout the course the methodologies of adult education are employed and emphasis placed on an integrative approach to both teaching and learning. All classroom activities take place on the NUI Galway campus.This course is designed to give students the necessary skills for effective TEFL teaching for a range of levels and student populations. It provides theoretical information in TEFL methodologies and language learning, practical language teaching skills through classroom activities, peer-teaching and observed teaching practice sessions with English as a foreign language (EFL) learners.

    To apply for this course, visit: NUIGalway website – TEFL Cert Course

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