Certificate in Payroll Techniques Through Distance Learning – February 2017

certificate in payroll techniques 2017Now enrolling for classes Nationwide and Distance/Online learning
 commencing February 2017

The Certificate in Payroll Techniques (CPT) 
This qualification provides payroll personnel with a nationally recognised qualification by which they can be evaluated. The syllabus for this IPASS qualification was prepared following consultation with payroll professionals in industry, commerce and in the public sector, and it reflects the diverse range of skills and knowledge which all payroll professionals require in order to function efficiently.

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What qualification will I obtain? 
Successful students will obtain the Certificate in Payroll Techniques which is accredited by QQI as a Level 6 Special Purpose qualification on the National Framework of Qualifications.

The course material includes numerous examples and self assessment questions which students can use to develop their knowledge while they study. The course is extremely practical and interesting and is designed to allow students to progress at a realistic pace. Whether you already work in payroll, or not, you will find this course extremely interesting, practical and relevant to you.

Who should enrol?
Anyone who is responsible for maintaining a company’s PAYE, PRSI and USC records
People responsible for the completion of PAYE, PRSI and USC Returns
Accounts Managers and staff
People working in a finance department
Accountants and Accounting Technicians
People who wish to improve their knowledge of the Irish PAYE, PRSI and USC system
Anyone who wants to obtain a valuable qualification

Benefit to Graduates

Hold a QQI accredited Level 6 qualification
Become an invaluable member of an employers’ financial team, by being aware of their employer’s compliance obligations in a highly technical area
Greatly enhance career development prospects
Enhance payroll skills, technical expertise and confidence
Develop professional skills and abilities through the application of advanced training
Develop a network of contacts in a range of businesses working in the same specialist field.

View more about this course on IPASS Website

View this and other IPASS courses on Findacourse.ie

Fota Island Health and Safety Conference – 1st February

health and safety conference

A conference at Fota Island Resort, Fota Island, Cork – 1st February 2017

The conference will allow a panel of distinguished speakers to consider how to work together to assess risks under a range of different scenarios.  They will provide practical and current advice and consider some of the pitfalls of risk assessment.

The speakers include some leading academic and industrial specialists as well as practicing consultants and experts from the Health and Safety Authority and the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS).

The conference has been primarily designed for: process owners, safety engineers/specialists, consultants, contractors, health & safety officers, academics, trainers, technicians, supervisors, managers, occupational hygienists, facilities personnel and team leaders. In fact anyone with risk assessment responsibilities and duties will benefit from the conference. It has been approved by Engineers Ireland and those who attend the event can record their attendance as CPD.

The event will appeal to a wide range of industries and organizations, including: multi-nationals right down to SMEs and state and semi-state agencies. One of the aims is to bring together a number of leading subject specialists and experts in Risk Assessment to address various aspects of quantitative and qualitative risk evaluation, control and management.

A trade exhibition will also be held in conjunction with the conference, presenting networking opportunities for delegates and allowing specialist suppliers to showcase key products and services.

Additional information and booking details are available on the website: www.env.ie

View Moloney and Associate Courses on Findacourse.ie at: www.findacourse.ie/moloney-associates-acoustic-cg360.html

January Evening Classes in Moate Business College

Moate Business College are offering a range of evening courses for adult learners. The courses commence on the 23rd of January with an open evening for enrolment taking place on the 16th.

Courses on offer include;

  • Computers for Beginners & Improvers
  • Millinery
  • Digital Photography
  • Train the Trainer
  • DIY Bike Maintenance
  • Special Needs Assistance
  • Care Provision
  • English as a Foreign language.

For more details contact Moate Business College

spring evening classes in Moate

View Moate Business College on Findacourse.ie

CMI College January Enrolments

cmi college evening coursesNew Year, New Courses offered by CMI, Communications and Management Institute in Dublin. What better way to achieve your New Year’s resolution at CMI college. CMI are now very busy enrolling for courses starting in February 2017.

Whether it is a professional qualification you need to change career or upskill or a distance learning course you wish to take on, there is a career focused course for everyone. The classes on offer are listed below with start dates (students need to be enrolled prior to start dates listed). For further information, contact CMI College using the form below. More information about CMI can be viewed at the following link; www.findacourse.ie/cmi-communications-management-cg109.html.

Courses Starting 6th February

  • Addiction Studies
  • Child Psychology
  • Environmental Studies
  • Procurement certificate
  • Environmental Management
  • Fashion Buying & Merchandising
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management Diploma
  • Criminal Psychology Diploma

Courses Starting 7th February

  • Event Management Diploma
  • Procurement & Supply Diploma
  • Retail Operations Management Diploma
  • PMP Project Management Certification
  • Health & Safety Certificate
  • Journalism & Media

Courses Starting 8th February

  • Business Management & Psychology Diploma
  • CSI & Criminology Diploma
  • Management Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma in Project Management

Courses Starting 9th February

  • Sales Management Diploma
  • Marketing , Advertising , PR & Sales Diploma
  • HR Development Advanced Diploma
  • Advanced CSI & Forensic Science Diploma
  • Health & Safety Diploma

View more details about CMI College on their website: www.cmi-ireland.com

Art Classes – Are They For You

art classesThere aren’t many pocket friendly hobbies that you can take up, that are not only affordable but also therapeutic. Let’s face it, how much does it cost to buy some pencils, pastels or paper? Another added incentive is that your work could make you some cash or lead to progression into Higher Education.

Aspiring and established artists study art to learn new techniques used with the different forms of artistic media. The fantastic and interesting thing about Art is that it is never stagnant, because people don’t stay the same. Your work reflects often your state of mind and life in general sometimes!

All over Ireland, there are Education and Training Boards (ETBs) who run adult learning centres alongside their secondary education facilities. Most of these run part time art courses. There are also numerous further education colleges and private education providers who run part-time and evening art courses. These courses can run from six weeks to one/two years (if it is QQI accredited).

The costs for part time art courses usually range from 100 euros to 200 euros. Means tested PLC Maintenance Grants are available to students who are progressing to a QQI Level 5/6 Award or equivalent and who have not previously studied for such an award.

Malahide Community School, as part of their Adult Learning programme, run a ten week evening Art course. This course provides an introduction to drawing and painting using the various applied arts mediums and encourages pupils to discover their own creative skills. Beginners and more experienced are welcome to attend.

art classes

Find more art classes by searching our Media Art and Design Courses at – www.findacourse.ie/media-art-design-courses-c2.html

Many of those who attain QQI accredited qualifications in Art can progress to Higher Education courses, similar to those on offer in the Art & Design Department of GMIT. A number of places are reserved on most Higher Level Art courses for QQI applicants. This is a restricted-application programme. As well as the minimum requirements for programmes in GMIT, entry to this programme is by interview/portfolio assessment. Graduates may proceed to the Level 8 honours degree programmes in Fine Art or Textile Design in the Department of Art and Design at GMIT or to other institutions nationally and internationally.

It is important to enquire from course providers what course materials are required to participate in their course. Some providers charge an additional fee to cover course and class materials. Others will ask you to have some basic materials to begin with. Essential requirements for beginners could include: a good quality wire backed A3/A4 size sketchpad, three graphite pencils, B, 3B, 5B and a soft plastic-type eraser.

Our various life experiences affect us in different ways, and our responses to those experiences affect our mood and behaviour. Art is an ideal way to express yourself in an entertaining and constructive way. Art also lets us express our passions and our hopes. With a new year, many of us make resolutions to take up a hobby. Drawing, painting or sculpting is a great hobby whilst being personally beneficial for the participant. You never know, you could discover the Da Vinci in you!

Fitness Instructor Courses

fitness instructor coursesIt has been said that if you can turn a hobby or passion into a career – you will never work a day in your life. With an increasing amount of Irish people becoming health conscious and more fitness focused, there is also a growing percentage of sports enthusiasts looking to leisure, sports and fitness as a potential career path.

This sector of our economy offers a very wide range of career opportunities. Employers include leisure companies, tour operators, local authorities, gyms and leisure centres, health and fitness clubs, hotels and sports clubs among others.

Apart from the level of fitness and qualification required; you also have to have an ability to communicate well with people along with a helpful attitude. Organisational and teamwork skills are often required and sometimes good business skills. One thing is certain – despite the growing number of fitness instructors in Ireland, those who are successful, are those who have established a credible name for themselves through determination and hard work.

Generally, there is a wide variety of courses that can help prepare for entry to this career area on a number of different levels: from Post Leaving Cert (PLC) courses in Health and Fitness to Industry certified courses/qualifications. Students can also progress to Level 8 Honours Degree programmes in areas such as Sports Science.

Many jobs in this sector offer the opportunity for promotion to supervisory or managerial levels. There are plenty of opportunities to work abroad and in many cases it is possible to become self-employed as a Fitness Instructor or a Personal Trainer.
fitness instructor courses in Ireland

Course Providers:

Image Fitness Training runs courses that qualify participants as a NEFPC (National Elite Fitness Professional Certificate) Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer & Group Instructor. This qualification will help you build a career, not just a certification. Throughout this course, you will learn to conduct screenings of new members/clients and assess their fitness via a variety of methods. You will learn how to teach correct techniques in all aspects of fitness and utilise an array of exercise equipment to achieve results. This NEFPC Certificate is a qualification that will enable you to enter the fitness industry. You’ll learn all you need to know to be effective as a fitness consultant and you’ll also get the technical skills you need to become a successful Personal Trainer.

Litton Lane Training has been running courses in Ireland since 1987. Their courses run throughout the country. They specialise in Fitness Instructor programmes and also offer training courses to qualify participants as Personal Trainers or Pilate Instructors.

The National Training Centre offers an interesting course on Neuromuscular Physical Therapy which qualifies participants in treatment of soft tissue trauma and sports therapy. They also run a range of other courses on exercise and health studies, suspension training, pilates, pre and post natal exercise, kettlebells and more!

Motions Health & Fitness Training runs courses for people who wish to train as Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers. Their Certificate in Exercise & Health Fitness is accredited by University of Limerick.  They run both full and part-time courses.
Their courses are open to anybody who wants to attain a professional qualification in fitness instruction and personal training. Graduates are qualified to teach classes in circuit training, resistance & weights, body conditioning, step, flexibility and exercise to music. They are trained to carry out fitness assessments and design fitness programmes for a variety of people with different fitness objectives.

Based in Dublin, the Elite Fitness and Performance Academy offers a whole range of routes for you to start your fitness career: personal trainer training, gym instructor courses, as well as continued professional development courses like Kettlebells and Suspension Training.

If you wish to gain a Higher Education award in the Health & Leisure business; there are many on offer via the CAO system. The Bachelor of Science in Health and Leisure in Tralee IT, is both well established and extremely credible amongst relevant professionals and professional bodies. The programme consists of an equal mixture of applied, active, often externally-certified leadership training programmes, and the theoretical foundations underpinning each subject area. Specialist streams are each supplemented with a one-year add-on Level 8 programme. Graduates will have a variety of qualifications and certifications and may be eligible for professional registration in certain disciplines. Graduates are typically qualified to work as gym instructors, activity co-ordinators, personal trainers, sports development officers, PE teachers (requires additional qualification), youth development officers, leisure facility managers, adapted physical activity specialists, health promotion officers, but are not limited to these roles.

If you wish to pursue a Further education/PLC course, there are a number of courses on offer throughout the country. An example of such courses is the Sport and Recreation Studies Level 5 and Sports Development Level 6 courses which are run by St Louis Community School in Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo. Like other similar FETAC courses, subjects taught include: Nutrition, Circuit Training, Sport and Recreation Studies, Resistance Training, Physiology & Anatomy, Body Conditioning and Sculpting, Exercise and Fitness, First Aid, Health and Safety, Work Experience, Communications and information Technology. Graduates of these PLC courses can go on to pursue careers in: Aerobic and Gym Instruction, Sports Development Officers, Sport Retail Sales and Freelance Fitness Instructors.

If you are considering pursuing a course that qualifies you as a Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer; it is recommended to discuss this area with somebody already established and qualified in this sector and then visit any of the course providers.

If you are committed to working out, eating right, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is possible that you could turn your passion into a reputable income-generating profession!

To find Fitness Instructor courses and other fitness related courses view our Fitness and Health courses category on Findacourse.ie – www.findacourse.ie/fitness-health-courses-c5.html

Management Training Courses

management trainingToday’s corporate world requires a manager to do more than might have been necessary in the past. Employers look for a reflective and inspirational motivator; a leader who will inspire others to achieve shared company goals. In a rapidly changing economy, managers are also expected to think outside the box. Modern managers are expected to have the ability to think creatively on top of having the necessary analytical skills and decision making skills. Contemporary courses therefore try to develop and promote soft skills like team-work and social ability along with the necessary hard core management skills. A good manager must be excellent at managing people as well as activities.

Whether managing a large company or your own business, essential management skills can be learnt, refreshed, or up-dated; thanks to a number of different colleges and course providers. You can even choose to participate in a one-day training course in a particular area you feel you need guidance or information on.

The College of Management and IT (CMIT) offer a QQI accredited distance learning course that equips Managers (and those new to Management) with comprehensive skills to improve their organisational and people management abilities.
Students will learn how to:
• Organise company structures/teams
• Complete internal and external organisation reviews
• Effectively lead and manage staff
• Manage their time more effectively
• Learn how to be more organised as Managers.
The course is designed for those working in Large Companies, SMEs or the Public Sector.

The Communications and Management Institute (CMI) run an advanced Diploma in Management. They focus on effective management for the individual participating in the course according to their style.

Griffin College offer a number of specific occupational training courses which focus on topical and relevant issues in the work place. An example of one of these courses is ‘Conflict Handling and Resolution Skills’. This course recognises that if an organisation is to thrive, it must be able to handle conflict. Upon completion of the course, participants should understand the stages of conflict and gain knowledge and the skills necessary to put resolutions into place. They also offer courses relating to interviewing, managing stress and developing and sustaining vision, amongst others.

The Institute of Public Administration (IPA) offer a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management. It is a one year part-time programme that analyses public management issues. This programme is suitable for anybody working in the public sector. This course is accredited by the National University of Ireland.

The Institute of Technology in Carlow offer a Bachelor of Business (honours) in management. This is a full-time four year course providing an academic qualification for those interested in a career in business and management. Its general nature provides students with a broad skill-base that will ensure that the graduate has a wide range of potential job opportunities.

There is no shortage of courses if this is the area you wish to specialise in. It is important to remember that most career areas require a certain level of management ability, whether it is self-management or managing others. Undertaking a management course also serves to improve your general employability or productivity.

Good management is essential to any successful organisation. A good leader achieves a hard working, productive and effective workforce that punches above its weight in its performance. A reflective and creative manager is a skilful administrator who is constantly looking for ways to not just improve productivity from staff, but one who seeks to acquire new knowledge, so that decisions made are informed ones, and issues are handled with credibility. Therefore, whatever management course you choose to participate in, try to ensure that the course content and philosophy reflects changing trends and will set you on the road to effective and productive leadership.

View Management Training Courses on Findacourse.ie at www.findacourse.ie/management-courses-c25.html

Giving the Gift of Learning

courses as christmas giftsSome people dread the ‘C’ word but no matter where you hide or how hard you resist; Christmas is fast approaching. Many of us are left wondering: what do you buy somebody who just about has everything and lets face it; most of us have seen enough gift basket sets to last us a life time. There are many of us who want to buy gifts with purpose.

A novel idea for a gift is to buy somebody a course in an area they have expressed an interest in. With the large numbers of people signing up to part-time courses and distance learning courses; it is apparent how popular part time study has become – often not just for personal or leisure reasons but to increase employability or help initiate a change of direction in career.

Some popular part-time and distance learning courses in Ireland include areas related to Sports & Fitness programmes, Train the Trainer courses, Floristry, Style & Image courses, and Languages.

If you or somebody on your gift list is interested in any of these areas, a good starting point might be to contact a reputable course provider and enquire about gift vouchers or specials they may be running this time of year.

Litton Lane Training run a part-time/evening Fitness Instructor Course. This course allows you to become a fully qualified and recognised ITEC Fitness Instructor. On completion of this course, the participant is highly trained and ready for a career as a Fitness Instructor. Litton Lane Training are based in Dublin, for other locations view our fitness training courses page.

A Train the Trainer course is an ideal course to equip learners with excellent transferrable skills that graduates can bring to many employers. Griffin College devised this course in response to a consistent demand for trainer courses along with a realisation that employers like to have staff on board who can train new staff and up-skill existing staff. This course provides skills to develop training programmes that are both effective and productive.

The International Career Institute run a Floristry course via Distance Learning. This course assists learners in using their creativity to brighten people’s lives with flowers. For more distance learning courses view the following link – Distance Learning Courses Ireland

An ideal gift for the loved one in your life may well be the part-time Fashion Stylist and Personal Shopper course from Colour and Image Academy. This academy has locations in Cork and Limerick and provides inspiring and comprehensive training that is designed to equip learners with all the relevant skills to become successful in this glamorous industry. On completion, their comprehensive courses give a qualification in the following areas: colour consultations, styling according to shape, make-up application & make-overs, seasonal fashion advice, bridal service, men’s image, and personal shopping.

Language courses are on offer from Sandford Languages Institute in Dublin City. They run evening courses in Dublin City in a wide variety of languages and their Spring term will be starting in early 2017. Personalised gift vouchers are available from the college for some or all of the course fee. Other language courses can be viewed on our languages course page.

CMI College in Dublin have a wide range of courses starting next Spring in subject areas such as; Business, Management, Child Psychology, Environmental, Criminal Psychology, Journalism, Marketing, Health & Safety and more.. Spring deadline is 15th January for application and a pre-Christmas discount is currently being offered.

Course providers throughout the country are more than happy to discuss a tailored gift for you while keeping in mind the interests of the recipient and the budget you have to spend on such a gift. There are courses that range in price from 100 euros to 1000s of euros and they can range in duration from 1 day to a few weeks to a distance learning course that can be completed at the participants own pace.

The gift of education can be life changing and has the potential to greatly improve somebody’s present and future life. It will certainly have more longevity than a bottle of bath salts!

Dealing with Exam Stress

exam stressEveryone gets stressed around exam time but it’s important not to let it get out of hand. A small amount of stress can be helpful in terms of motivating us to study but too much stress can stop us from performing our best. Stress symptoms include sleeplessness, poor appetite, headaches, dizziness, forgetfulness and increased irritability.

There are many ways to cope with stress:

If you recognise that you are suffering from stress it can really help to talk to someone about how you are feeling. A chat with someone who will understand the pressure you are under, like a parent, sibling or teacher, can help put things into perspective.

Try not to compare study habits with your friends. Everyone revises in a different way and it’s best to simply focus on the way that best suits you and forget about what everyone else is doing.

Making a study timetable can be a great way of making study time more productive. Instead of being faced with an overwhelming amount of work to revise, not knowing where to start, setting out clear and manageable tasks will make studying feel less daunting.

Try to eat healthily. A well fuelled brain and body will help you to study and perform better during exam time. It’s important to eat plenty of vegetables and fruit and to eat three meals a day. Have a healthy breakfast that will set you up for the day. Swap sugary cereal for a bowl of porridge for longer lasting energy.

A good sleep routine is essential when studying. Your brain cannot function at its best when it is sleep deprived. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time each day. Don’t bring your revision books to bed, give your brain a chance to switch off and get your eight hours of well deserved rest.

Exercise is a great way of coping with stress. A simple walk in the park or a run around the block will help to clear the mind and boost your energy levels. Relaxing exercises such as yoga will have the added benefit of helping you to unwind and sleep.

Simple breathing techniques can help to relax a stressed mind. Taking time out to sit and breathe in and out through the nose counting to seven each way and holding for 5 after each inhalation and exhalation, can help to calm the nervous system.

When the exam is over, steer clear of any exam ‘post-mortems’. Once an exam is done, it’s best to try and forget about it and move on.

Ultimately it is important to remember not to lose sight of life after the exams. It may feel like the end of the world if an exam doesn’t go well but there are always other routes to get you where you want to go if things don’t go to plan.

Author: Fiona McBennett

Book Store: Workplace Tutor

tutor teaching a classThe Workplace Tutor is designed for anyone who is responsible for the delivery of training in the modern workplace. The workplace could be a commercial business, a government agency or a community organisation.

The Tutor could be someone who is employed in the Training Department of the organisation or a skilled employee required to deliver training in his or her skills or an employee of a training company contracted to deliver training within a different workplace.

It is a practical book referring to theory only where necessary, but placing the role of training within the historical developments that have taken place over the last 300 years.

To purchase the book – simply fill out the form below and you will receive payment link. When payment has been made the book will be sent to the address supplied below..

Cost: €20 (including postage & packaging)

Buy the Book

Please add details below for purchase.

Type the characters you see here:

workplace tutorworkplace tutor

What is Erasmus Plus?

Erasmus plusErasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport for the years 2014 to 2020. It provides funding and support for organisations to operate projects consistent with its objectives and which encourage European exchange, co-operation and learning. Erasmus+ is funded by the European Union through the contributions of member states, including Ireland. Funding of almost €170 million has been allocated to Ireland for the duration of the programme.

Erasmus+ funding is available to all sectors (or fields) of formal, informal and non-formal education. Structurally, Erasmus+ is divided into three ‘Key Actions’ describing the kind of project activities possible.

What are the programme objectives?

Erasmus+ aims to modernise and improve the quality of teaching, training and youth work across Europe, and to support the development, transfer and implementation of innovative practices. These objectives are closely tied with the Europe 2020 strategy of achieving a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy by 2020 for all of Europe’s citizens. Fundamental goals for Erasmus+ include improving key competences and skills, and fostering partnerships between education and employment. The programme also seeks to promote European values as stated in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union: respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights.

Who can participate?

Erasmus+ is open to private or public organisations active in the fields of adult education, higher education, school education, sport, vocational education and training, and youth and community work, in any participating country. While the programme enables individuals to travel, work, volunteer and study abroad, project applications from individuals themselves are not accepted. However, individuals may apply to attend Transnational Cooperation Activities with the support of their organisations.

Management and Structure

Management of the programme is divided between the Directorate General for Education and Culture (DGEAC) of the European Commission, and National Agencies in the participating countries. Léargas (www.leargas.ie) is the Irish National Agency for Erasmus+ in the adult education, school education, vocational education and training, and youth fields. For third level higher level education Erasmus+ is dealt with by the HEA (Higher Education Authority) (www.hea.ie).

CPD with NUI Galway

cpd courses in GalwayThe Centre for Adult Learning and Professional Development at NUI Galway offers a wide range Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses. These courses are modules that are taken on a separate, standalone basis. Many of these courses are commencing in January 2017.

These modules are industry focused and provide an ideal opportunity to up-skill in a profession and add to a CPD portfolio.

Modules are offered in a wide range of subjects such as those shown below..
Community Education

  • SP184: Understanding Conflict
  • SP147: Youth and Society
  • SP139: Community Health

Early Childhood Studies

  • Effective Leadership for the Childcare Sector
  • Promoting Inclusion in Early Years Care and Education
  • The Child and Family in Irish Law
  • Promoting Inclusion in Early Years Care and Education
  • Psychology – The Developing Child 1
  • Management Skills for Childcare Environments
  • Implementing the Early Years Curriculum
  • Management Skills for Childcare Environment
  • Management Skills for Childcare Environments
  • Implementing the Early Years Curriculum
  • Creative Development in Early Childhood

IT Online

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Graphics Programming


  • MK5106: Digital Marketing Strategy and Management
  • MK5104: Marketing Analytics

Social Care

  • SC4222: Social Care Management and Leadership in Social Care Settings

Technology Management (Level 9)

  • Managing Technology Projects
  • Technology, Finance & Capital
  • Improving Business Processes
  • Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • People Management for Technology Organisations
  • Six Sigma

Training and Education

  • Management of Training & Education
  • Understanding Communities
  • Management of Innovation
  • Project Planning, Management & Evaluation
  • Negotiations & Negotiation Skills
  • Course Delivery
  • Problem Management & Creativity

Science & Technology – Diploma Cycle (Level 7)

  • Maths 1
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Physics 2
  • Biology & Biotechnology 1
  • Biology & Biotechnology 2
  • Intro to Environmental Science
  • Science, Technology & Innovation
  • Database Applications
  • Intro to Management Science
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Design of Engineering Systems
  • CAD Modelling

Science & Technology – Diploma Cycle (Level 7)

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Quality Science & Six Sigma
  • Enterprise Modelling & Simulation
  • Biocompatibility & Device Design
  • Medical Device Science
  • Project Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Research Methodology

Visit the NUI Galway website for a full list of CPD courses: http://www.nuigalway.ie/adult-learning/cpd/

Benefits of ITEC Qualification

itec certificationITEC is one of the world’s leading awarding bodies specialising in the fields of Sport and Fitness, Beauty, Complementary Therapy, Hairdressing and Customer Service. Founded in 1947, with its headquarters in London and offices in Asia and South Africa, ITEC also has representation in Ireland and the U.S. It is partnered with 655 colleges across the world and ITEC’s international specialist examination board provides high quality qualifications that are recognised worldwide.

In Ireland, ITEC is regulated by OfQual and all ITEC qualifications are in line with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the National Qualifications Framework Ireland (NQAI). To make sure that the trainings are of high standard, ITEC has an independent panel of experts who review all policies, procedures and processes every three months. There is also a Senior Management team who meet monthly with beauty and hair experts whose expertise and experience helps to continually refine and improve courses. All of this means that a qualification from ITEC is certain to enhance a student’s CV and improve employability.

There are many ITEC qualifications on offer around the country:

Litton Lane Training have courses based in Dublin, Meath and Cork and run an ITEC level 3 Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity. This course is run on a part-time basis and is held over a course of evenings and weekends.

Portobello Institute offers an ITEC Nutrition Advisor course, an ITEC Beauty Specialist Certificate course, an ITEC Holistic Massage course and an ITEC Manicure and Pedicure Certificate to name but a few. All these courses are run on a part-time, evening basis with locations in Dublin, Carlow, Clare, Cork, Donegal, Galway, Kildare, Kilkenny, Louth, Meath, Sligo, Waterford, Westmeath, Wicklow and Wexford.

Haven Beauty Training in Westmeath is offering ITEC courses such as a Diploma in Holistic Massage, a Beauty Specialist Diploma, and a Diploma in Nail Technology; all run on an evening, part-time basis.

In Cork City, the College of Oriental Medicine runs an ITEC course in Anatomy and Physiology. It is a four day intensive course from 9am to 5pm.

In Dublin, Motions Health and Fitness Training offers an ITEC Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy over an eight month period on Wednesdays from 7pm to 10pm.

The Institute of Massage and Sports Therapy offers an ITEC Diploma in Diet and Nutrition in Galway, Limerick and Wexford. It takes place on alternate Saturdays between 10am and 4pm and applicants must have a recognised qualification in a complementary therapy if they wish to use the qualification professionally. If the course is for personal use then no prior knowledge or learning is needed.

So whether you want to learn a new specialist skill or update your CV, there is a range of ITEC qualifications available to suit anyone interested in working in the Health and Fitness and related sectors. With employment opportunities sparse these days, it’s all about making your CV stand out. An ITEC qualification can give you that extra feature that will be sure to catch an employer’s attention. As these qualifications are internationally recognised; completing an ITEC training course could also be the perfect passport for working abroad. Opportunities are plentiful when you are well qualified so be sure to check out an ITEC course near you.

• Fitness Training Courses on Findacourse.ie
• Beauty Training Courses on Findacourse.ie

Fiona McBennett

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Education NewsTaster Days – What Are The Benefits?
Education News
It can be very beneficial to gain some experience either working or studying in a field related to a chosen career path or course of study. This has been made easier with the growth in popularity of ‘Taster Days’.What is a Taster Day?Taster Days are events held by colleges, whereby the student gains hands-on knowledge and experience of a particular course or area of study. The students are usually shown the facilities, the type of course material they will be studying and sometimes the work of professionals who have qualified in that area of study..

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The National Training Centre (NTC) offers professional industry based qualifications in the areas of Fitness Instructor Training, Personal Training, Pilates Instructor Training, Neuromuscular Physical Therapy and a range of other health fitness related courses. NTC provides students with the opportunity to study part time for a Masters Degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science and a Masters Degree in Neuromuscular Therapy. There are a wide range of courses to choose from and all courses are offered part time in various locations.

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ICM Certificate in Freedom of Information for Decision Makers

ICM Certificate in Freedom of Information for Decision Makers, 23rd November – Dublin

Freedom of Information (FOI) is now an established and fully accepted feature of all Government departments and offices and many public or publicly-funded bodies in Ireland (now known as “FOI bodies”). The Freedom of Information Act 2014 establishes the following statutory rights for the public: – The right to be granted access to records held by FOI bodies, subject to exemptions and exclusions set out in the Act…

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Manual and Computerised Payroll Award

Manual and Computerised Payroll Award, Nationwide Locations – 7th November

Provides participants with the knowledge and skills in understanding the concepts of manual payroll and implementing a computerised payroll system. A manual assessment will be undertaken as a project/case study which can be completed at home and must be submitted at the end of the course. Graduates will be awarded QQI Certificate Level 5, component module 5N1546

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From Arabic to Vietnamese, our languages category page offers a wide range of courses from languages for beginners to more advanced course options for improvers. Check out our Languages Course Listings for more information and our Languages Articles for language learning tips and information.
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CPD or, Continuous Professional Development, refers to lifelong learning or continuing education. It is the means by which people advance their skills and knowledge related to their professions. In today’s competitive and rapidly changing world, taking part in a CPD course can be essential to ensure continued employment and career advancement.

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Open days can be a great way of evaluating a college and getting a flavour of what you can expect in term of facilities, location and class tutors. See a selection of upcoming open days and open evenings on Findacourse.ie

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Benefits of Learning a Language

language coursesReports in recent years have shown that there is a shortage of language skills in Ireland and that this could be holding Ireland back in terms of competing internationally. Ireland and Scotland are the only 2 countries in the European Union, where it is not obligatory to learn a foreign language in school and Ireland also has the highest percentage of citizens in the EU (66%) that do not speak languages other than first language.

One such report from the royal Irish Academy said that there is an urgent need to implement a policy on languages in education and that a clear strategy for language education needs to be in place from primary school on. It called for funding and resources to be provided urgently and said that it is highly important that foreign language be a priority subject in third level education.

With this current lack of language skills, graduates who have studied a foreign language are in a strong position in the labour market. A second European language has been shown to increase long-term job opportunities and graduates who have a language combined with another skill, like marketing or sales, are even more employable as the employment market continues to become more global. Many companies communicate with clients internationally and so the ability to speak another language can be an advantage in many fields.

Areas where language skills are asset are tourism, sales, marketing, conference management or customer relations as well as teaching positions, interpreting or translating. Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) is an increasingly popular job and a great way to travel as many TEFL companies are looking for eager graduates to teach English abroad.

Sandford Languages Institute in Dublin offers courses in over 30 different languages including Arabic, Bulgarian, Spanish, Chinese and many more. The Institute runs these courses on a part-time evening bases and also provides in-company courses and private tuitions. The evening courses are typically 12 to 14 weeks long and cover all levels from beginner to level 2, including intensive introduction courses and advanced refresher courses. All the tutors are native speakers and fully qualified teachers. Check out www.sandfordlanguages.ie for more details.

Malahide community school offers part-time evening courses in languages such as French, Italian, Spanish and German. The courses are 10 weeks in length and are aimed at beginners. For more information go to www.malahidecs.ie .

NUI Galway offers part-time evening diplomas in French, Italian and Spanish. Each of the courses are aimed at complete beginners and introduce the basic elements of the languages and run for 2 years, with a class once a week. There is also a distance learning course available; a Diploma in Italian, which is the first course of its kind to be developed by an Irish University. This course allows the student to be involved in the latest skills in e-learning and while having the flexibility of studying a language in their own time. The course, unlike other distance learning programmes, is based on a communicative, collaborative approach and students are encouraged to participate in online classes with their peers and tutor. For more information on any of the courses offered by NUI Galway go to www.nuigalway.ie.

Besides the obvious career benefits of learning a foreign language, having the ability to speak anther language can also be a great help when you are on holidays abroad. Rather than relying on dodgy sign language to communicate, just think how great it would be to be able to converse freely with locals with confidence! Whether you want to be able to deal with business professionals in French, teach English to students in Spain or order a glass of wine in Italy, there are courses out there for everyone and they are well worth checking out.

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Fiona McBennett